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Andy Stonehouse Weekly Highlights in Retirement News
from Andy Stonehouse, Retirement Advisor Channel Manager

Voting in San Diego and San Jose, Calif. is seen by some as the start of a nationwide backlash against public retirement plans and their hard-to-sustain benefits. Will the sentiment spread elsewhere?

Plus, a private study damning the costs of 401(k) management fees has rankled an industry working hard to meet government requirements to explain (and rationalize) those costs to consumers.

And as the one-time auto industry giants try to shift their pension obligations to private insurers to firm up their bottom line, will shareholders and employees reap the benefits of the deals?


Public employee pensions face a rollback in California
The pensions of current public employees have long been generally considered untouchable, but politicians (and voters) are saying those obligations are trumped by the current health and safety needs of their financially stressed communities. Read more.

GAO calls veterans' pension program a rip-off
A GAO study of the federal low-income veterans' retirement program shows widespread abuse of benefits and predatory practices among some unscrupulous advisors. The VA promises reforms for the $4.3 billion program. Read more.

ASPPA takes issue with whitepaper on 401(k) fees
The head of the ICI joined ASPPA in slamming the math in a recent Demos study that suggests retirees will lose huge portions of their investments to hidden 401(k) fees, although disclosure rules will indeed make those fees more visible.
Read more.

Funded status of corporate pensions lowest since 2007
The large decline in equity markets and lower interest rates conspired to bring the funded status of the typical U.S. corporate pension plan to 69.8 percent in May, its lowest level since December 2007. Read more.

Chrysler's chief says no to pension buyouts
The last of the one-time Big Three says it doesn't need to hatch a pension buyout scheme like Ford and GM have now done. Is the optimism real? Read more.

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