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Virtual Viewpoints February 8, 2011
What is the next step in the explosion of mobile technology for the insurance industry?
By Deb Smallwood
Ten years ago, when BlackBerrys first came out, we had what ended up being false hope. People talked about mobile when the whole Internet explosion came about, but it never really took hold in the [insurance] industry…Read more
Enabling Claims Excellence
By Mike Mahoney and John Lorimer
A property/casualty insurer's financial performance depends heavily on its claims organization. Even top carriers carry loss and loss adjustment expense (LAE) ratios well above 60 or 70 percent, making claims costs the lion's share of the cost side of the combined ratio equation…Read more
Making a Case for the 80/20 Rule
By Robert Regis Hyle
Our March cover story in Tech Decisions is on business intelligence and we've been previewing it on the Web site with several interviews…Read more

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Mitchell, LexisNexis Expand Claims Handling Efficiency
Vertafore Service to Simplify Insurance CE Management
StoneRiver Files Patents for Insurance Automation Solution
Who's Using What: Insurance Software Deals Announced
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Featured Whitepaper
Integrated Suite Solutions for Workers Comp Carriers Solve Business, IT Pain Points
Sponsored By Paradox Technology Solutions
Traditional criteria for choosing between point solutions and integrated suites must be recalibrated for workers' compensation carriers. Changes in business drivers, technology advancements and the emergence of a new generation of end-to-end suites have tilted the landscape significantly in favor of integrated suites…Read more
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