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Top Story February 22, 2011
Christie Signs N.J. Captive Bill Into Law
By Caroline McDonald
Governor Chris Christie signed into law legislation that enables New Jersey to license and regulate captive insurance companies, creating a new industry in the state…Read more
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Risk Management Strengthened By Financial Crisis: Deloitte
By Caroline McDonald
The global financial crisis brought a new focus on risk management, with nearly 34 percent more institutions reporting they have adopted enterprise risk management programs compared to 2008, according to a survey by Deloitte…Read more
Risk Management Critical To Successful Natural Gas Extraction
By Caroline McDonald
Natural gas exploration companies and public risk managers have a number of issues to consider—from environmental risks of the extraction…Read more

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RRG Market Gets A Good Start For 2011
By Karrie Hyatt
With four new RRGs licensed in the first few weeks of 2001, industry professionals have more hope for the market now than they have in recent years…Read more
CICA Names Mead, The Nat. Catholic RRG Award Winners
By Caroline McDonald
The Captive Insurance Companies Association announced that Michael R. Mead has been named recipient of the CICA 2011 Distinguished Service Award—the highest award in the captive insurance industry…Read more
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