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Best Practices October 14, 2011
Advising the Affluent
By Cynthia Proveda and Bill Buslee

Many advisors working with affluent clients help structure financial plans to meet obvious goals, such as preserving generational wealth or ensuring a tax-efficient estate. These plans may also take into consideration more personal aspirations, and life insurance often holds a prominent place.

Suze Orman is Wrong, but About What?
By J. Michael Ham

Suze doesn't hold any insurance licenses nor is she a licensed investment advisor; but you do and possibly you are. Is it appropriate advice to tell your clients to walk on their debt?

Wealth Management News

Investor Confidence in Publicly Traded Companies Remains High

The fact that 70% of investors still have confidence investing in publicly-traded companies indicates that investing remains a key strategy for Americans, according to CAQ Executive Director Cindy Fornelli.

AIG: $4.5 Billion of New Bank Credit Facilities

Out with the old, in with the new: AIG has announced two new Bank Credit Facilities to simplify credit facility structure for themselves and their subsidiaries.

What Does it Mean to be SIFI?

In an ongoing effort to prevent another catastrophe like AIG's near-fatal implosion in 2008, federal regulators are considering what kinds of restrictions to place on financial services firms whose failure could shock the system.

NAIC Issues Bulletin Against Stranger-Originated Annuities

The NAIC's STOA bulletin is among several items adopted, and does not have weight of model law, but it serves as a warning because the financial implications of fraudulent STOAs can have a negative financial impact on companies and consumers. is the vital online destination for life & health insurance advisors providing the essential elements you need to make your practice thrive. Log on today!

CAQ, Great-West Unveil Educational Outreach Initiatives

A new video from The Center for Audit Quality aims to inform investors and the general public about the distinct yet interrelated roles that comprise the nation's system of investor protection.

Greed, Sheer Stupidity and the Global Financial Crisis
By Daniel Williams

What really happened in Greece, Ireland, Iceland and other countries rocked by the global financial crisis? Author Michael Lewis goes inside the damage in his latest book, Boomerang.

Become the "Go-To" Advisor With RMD Planning
By Matt Golab

We all want to be known as the go-to advisor but often overlook areas where we can give our clients, their families and their friends a reason to "go" to us.

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