Top News www.claimsmag.com   June 9, 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Engage Employees to Impact Your Bottom Line
An engaged workforce is one of the most effective ways to propel your organization. Learn how to gain an accurate view of where your employees stand, as well as how to motivate them and increase company loyalty by clicking here.

Contents Claims Solved: The Case of the Model Jet
Assessing the value of a complex array of items contained in a home that has just suffered a large loss can be problematic to say the least. In this latest contents-claim challenge, our savvy adjuster must determine the value of a recently crashed radio-controlled jet. Could a "toy" be worth more than $30,000? Get the scoop here.

State Farm Won't Handle NFIP Claims
After announcing plans to stop handling claims for the National Flood Insurance Program, State Farm Mutual Insurance Company said it will nevertheless continue to write policies. So who will handle such claims moving forward and what does FEMA have to say about the matter? Read more

Tweet Suite Digest — June 9, 2010
Claims Magazine is twittering every day about breaking news and timely topics, not to mention keeping readers up to date on the latest postings to claimsmag.com. What can Twitter do for you? Click to find out.

Fraud of the Week: Carolina Copycats
While hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, it remains to be seen if Old Nick's Kitchen can compare to a woman who is arrested. Read more

Claims IQ

Each week we test readers on their claim knowledge. This week's question is:

Of the nine named storms during the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season, how many developed into hurricanes?

A. One
B. Three
C. Five
D. Six

Answer Here!

Last week's question was:

Following a volcanic eruption last Thursday, this struck Central America, causing landslides and a giant sinkhole that swallowed a factory.

A. Hurricane Iniki
B. Hurricane Pauline
C. Pacaya eruption
D. Tropical Storm Agatha

Eighty-one percent of e-News readers knew that it was Tropical Storm Agatha that killed more than 150 people and left much destruction in Guatemala City. Let's see if the winning streak continues when you are confronted with statistics about last year's storms.

Here are the final results for last week:

A. 1%
B. 2%
C. 16%
D. 81%

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