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What's your preferred profiling test?
When hiring new producers, most agencies use personality profiling tests to determine the recruit's performance capabilities and fit. What brand of tests do you use at your agency? Take a quick poll here.

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Consultants "by necessity" need professional liability coverage
In the current recession, many professional firms are founded today out of necessity—the firm's founder lost his or her job and in this difficult economy, can find no other employment. Adequate professional liability coverage is a must for these new entrepreneurs. Risk management consultant Nancy Germond shares her ideas on what you can do to protect these professionals here.

PLGA plans to increase personal lines growth for agents
Although independent agents and their carriers command 80 percent of the commercial lines market, they only write 34 percent of personal lines—a segment that's ripe for stability and growth, especially in today's uncertain commercial market. The newly launched Personal Lines Growth Alliance (PLGA) wants to change all that. Read an interview with PLGA head Steve Brooks here.

Small businesses, big risks: Everybody needs EPLI
A recent survey of small business owners found that 66 percent were concerned their employees would file an employment-related charge against them. However, another recent study indicates that only 1.2 percent of small businesses had purchased EPL insurance. This exposure presents an opportunity for agents and brokers to help fill the coverage gap with new packaged EPLI programs that are designed and priced for small businesses. Read more here.

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