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Featured Story March 7, 2011
Can Charlie Sheen Be Insured?
By Caroline McDonald
The antics of major Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen have resulted in the cancellation of a multimillion-dollar production and put an entire cast and crew out of work, begging the question: Can this actor…Read more
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Conflicting Rulings On Defects Leave Looming Questions Over Drywall Claims
By Dave Lenckus
A bewildering 12 months of state and federal court rulings have further complicated the insurance and liability landscape for homebuilders and contractors facing homeowners' Chinese drywall…Read more
Wholesale Distribution Channel Under Pressure, But Vital To E&S Marketplace
By Phil Gusman
In a changing marketplace, excess and surplus lines executives affirmed the importance of, and their commitment to, the wholesale distribution system but…Read more

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Crump Reaches 'Standstill Agreement' With Employee, R-T Specialty
By Chad Hemenway
Crump Property & Casualty said it has reached a "standstill agreement" with a former employee and a competitor, Ryan Specialty Group's R-T Specialty LLC, pending the…Read more
Executive Insights From NAPSLO Mid-Year Leadership Forum — Slideshow
By Phil Gusman
The National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices recently held their annual Mid-Year Leadership Forum, where top industry executives offered key insights on the surplus lines industry…Read more
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