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Web Exclusive February 17, 2011
9 questions to ask if you're considering an agent network
By Craig Payan
Not all networks may be right for you. Each has its own focus, motives and benefits that may or may not suit your particular business model. Ask yourself these questions before making a commitment…Read more
Virtual Viewpoints
Podcast: Rick Gilman, Stu Durland on the power of personal lines
By Laura M. Toops
Rick Gilman, executive director of the Personal Lines Growth Alliance, talks with Stu Durland, vice president of operations at Seely & Durland Insurance in New York, about the power of personal lines to enhance an agency's bottom line. American Agent & Broker editor Laura Toops hosts…Read more
Agents, are you smarter than a plumber?
By Laura M. Toops
AA&B editor Laura M. Toops launches an online discussion with readers on why professional requirements for other professions seem more stringent than those of insurance agents…Read more

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Let them eat cake
By Christine Barlow
FC&S Editor Christine Barlow weighs in on what makes ALE coverage so complicated…Read more
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