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2015 came and went more quickly than most of us anticipated. To start the new year off right, compiled the list of last year's top 25 articles. Dive into content that thousands of in-house counsel professionals read to stay informed on 2015's biggest industry news, developments, trends and expert analysis:
1. 10 must-have apps for attorneys for 2015
2. United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Denying Temporary Visas to Skilled Workers, Managers, Executives and Business Owners at Record Levels, and Immigration Lawyers Want to Know Why
3. California paid sick leave: What you need to know for 2015
4. 11 noteworthy in-house career moves
5. 5 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines
6. Ready to rise
7. The workplace and medical marijuana: Employer guidelines for navigating the legal haze
8. Key performance indicators Part 1: Four KPI's that can keep your legal department on track
9. Patent troll disrupts safety of thousands; victims urge Congress to legislate
10. I'm SO STRESSED; this is going to be beautiful
11. 6 tech hacks to help attorneys achieve work/life balance (yes, really!)
12. 7 strategies lawyers can use to overcome work pressure
13. Why female lawyers need male coaches
14. Hear ye, hear ye: The long-awaited FRCP changes have arrived
15. Donald Trump has called the FCPA a 'horrible' law
16. Patent trolls may find it harder to hire competent attorneys
17. Law firms, legal departments have conflicting view of their relationship
18. Employers need to respond to ruling in same-gender marriage decision
19. Six things to know about the EB-5 reform bill
20. 10 celebrities who almost became lawyers instead of becoming famous
21. Understanding FBAR and FATCA: What anyone with a foreign account should know
22. Risk assessment: A primer for corporate counsel
23. 9 noteworthy in-house career moves
24. Majority of general counsel admit to using cut & paste templates for drafting thousands of contracts
25. Report reveals some salary trends among general counsel, in-house lawyers

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